Upcoming Events

Month Speaker Event Details Location
Aug 2019 None Event Cancelled: Cushing, August 19 Cushing, OK
Jul 2019 Dr. Alexandra Kloeck The Importance of Foot Care Claremore, OK
Jul 2019 Dr. Zee Khan Back Pain: Do I Have To Live With It? Tulsa, OK
Jun 2019 Brian Worley, M.D. Sleep Habits and Disorders Owasso, OK
Jun 2019 Melanie Ketchandji, M.D. Bladder Health & Nutrition Pryor, OK
May 2019 Keith Miles, D.O. Identifying & Treating Anxiety and Depression Claremore
May 2019 Blake Anderson, M.D. Nasal & Sinus Issues - CUSHING Cushing, OK
May 2019 Andre Fredieu, M.D. Surviving a Stroke: The Benefits of Comprehensive Care Tulsa, OK
Apr 2019 Blake Anderson, M.D. Nasal & Sinus Issues - PRYOR Pryor, OK
Feb 2019 Wayne Leimbach, M.D. Leading Advances in Heart Care Tulsa
Feb 2019 Frank Gaffney M.D. Cardiovascular Risks in 2019 Owasso
Nov 2018 Dr. Andre Fredieu Ask the Doc: Featuring Dr. Andre Fredieu Henryetta
Nov 2018 Dr. Lloyd Moore Get To Know Your Emergency Room Cushing
Nov 2018 Dr. Jeffrey Hunt Tackling Heartburn: Hints for the Holidays Owasso
Oct 2018 Cindy Loftin Medicare 2019: Let's Talk About It - PRYOR Pryor
Oct 2018 Andrew Barker, M.D. Understanding Pain Management Claremore
Oct 2018 Cindy Loftin Medicare 2019: Let's Talk About It - TULSA Tulsa
Oct 2018 Cindy Loftin Medicare 2019: Let's Talk About It - OWASSO Owasso
Aug 2018 Andre Fredieu, M.D. Ask the Doc: Featuring Andre Fredieu, M.D. Tulsa
Aug 2018 Andrew Barker, M.D. Understanding Pain Management: Key Factors and Treatment Options Tulsa
Aug 2018 Richard Jesudass, M.D. Your Gastrointestinal (Digestive System) Health Claremore, OK
Jul 2018 Dr. King Morris A Urology Discussion for Men and Women Cushing
Jun 2018 Dr. Jaclyn Jones Joint Pain and Overuse Injuries Tulsa
Jun 2018 Dr. Scott Reeder Sinuses: More Than Just the Sniffles? Owasso
May 2018 Dr. Brian Ogg Joint Replacements & Bone Fractures Claremore, OK
Apr 2018 Dr. Arash Karnama Keeping Your Heart Healthy Cushing
Apr 2018 Dr. Gregory Pittman and Dr. Christopher Lynch Is Heartburn Something More? Tulsa
Mar 2018 Jana Loveless, M.D. The Sleep-Heart Connection: A-Zzz Henryetta
Feb 2018 Dr. Allen Cheng New Options in Heart Surgery Tulsa
Feb 2018 Jamie Gorman, DPT Balance and Strength for Seniors Owasso
Aug 2017 Dr. Jeff McIlroy Advances in Treating Dementia & Memory Loss Claremore
Aug 2017 Andre Fredieu, M.D. Be F.A.S.T. Owasso
Aug 2017 Dr. Andre Fredieu and Dr. David Sandler Heart Disease and Stroke: What You Need to Know Tulsa
Jul 2017 Dr. Michael Newnam The Sleep-Heart Connection: A-Zzz Cushing
Jun 2017 Dr. Amy Hurlburt Health After 50 Henryetta
Jun 2017 Brian Worley, M.D. Sleep Apnea Treatment: When Counting Sheep Isn’t Enough Owasso
Jun 2017 Dr. Chad Crawley Joint Pain & Arthritis Tulsa
May 2017 Dr. Kyle Hrdlicka When You Need Surgery: Breast, Colon, Hernia & Vein Treatment Claremore
Apr 2017 Jamal Siddiqui, M.D. Common Eye Problems: When to See a Physician Cushing
Apr 2017 Jon Orjala, D.O. Do You Suffer from Knee Pain? Owasso
Feb 2017 Mrudula R. Munagala, M.D. Heart Healthy in 2017 Glenpool
Feb 2017 Jeffrey Hunt, D.O. Advances in Technology – Preventing Colon Cancer Owasso
Dec 2016 Holiday Bingo Holiday Bingo Owasso
Nov 2016 Neil Agrawal, MD Leg Pain: When to Worry Cushing
Nov 2016 Dr. Clayton Flanary Colon Cancer Prevention: What You or Your Family Members Need to Know to Stay Healthy Henryetta
Nov 2016 Stephanie Harris, MS, LD/RD Nutrition: Live Longer & Stronger Tulsa
Nov 2016 Jason Wiley, Co-Founder & COO of Oxford Senior Living Memory Loss Owasso
Nov 2016 Melanie Ketchandji, M.D. Bladder Health, Nutrition & Cancer Tulsa
Oct 2016 Neil Agrawal, MD Leg Pain: When to Worry Cushing
Oct 2016 Dr. David Sandler & Colleagues Irregular Heartbeat: Keeping Pace with AFib Tulsa
Oct 2016 Cindy Loftin ABCs & Ds of Medicare: What's Best for You? Claremore
Sep 2016 Cindy Loftin ABCs & Ds of Medicare: What's Best for You? Cushing
Sep 2016 Cindy Loftin ABCs & Ds of Medicare: What's Best for You? Owasso
Sep 2016 Cindy Loftin ABCs & Ds of Medicare: What's Best for You? Tulsa
Aug 2016 Dr. Brent Hinkle Food & Fitness After 50 Claremore
Jul 2016 Dr. Jeff McIlroy Depression & Memory Loss Cushing
Jul 2016 Dr. Eugene Ichinose Getting a Leg Up on Heart Health Expo
Jul 2016 Dr. Stacy Chronister Understanding Depression Owasso
Jun 2016 Dr. Keith Miles Allergies: A to Z Claremore
Jun 2016 Dr. Jessica Worth Life With Hearing Aids Owasso
May 2016 Dr. Andre Fredieu Stroke: B.E. F.A.S.T. Tulsa
May 2016 Dr. King Morris Bladder Health Cushing
Apr 2016 Dr. Andre Fredieu Stroke: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment Claremore
Apr 2016 Dr. Bryan Smedley Nasal Congestion & Snoring Owasso
Apr 2016 Dr. Chad Crawley Be Hip Again Tulsa
Mar 2016 Dr. Jeffrey Hunt Colon Cancer Prevention Tulsa
Mar 2016 Physical Therapist Mike Strakal Fall Prevention & Balance Owasso
Mar 2016 Dr. Blake Shockley Do You Suffer From Joint Pain? Cushing

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25 Sep

Hepatitis C: Why Baby Boomers Should Get Tested

Join us to learn more about the relationship between Baby Boomers and Hepatitis C, the effects that Hepatitis C can have on your body and the treatments available.

 Wednesday, September 25, 2019

08 Oct

Medicare Education

Understanding and Comparing Medicare Insurance Options

· When to enroll or change plans

· Selecting coverage


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